A Country Practice Complete 3rd Season Region Free (2 DISCS) DVD

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A Country Practice Complete Season 3

( 2 D V D )

with Artwork DVD and case

“Little Voices (Part 1)”

“Little Voices (Part 2)”

“Grave and Favour (Part 1)”

“Grave and Favour (Part 2)”

“Breaking Point (Part 1)”

“Breaking Point (Part 2)”

“Just Another Patient (Part 1)”

“Just Another Patient (Part 2)”

“Truth and Consequences (Part 1)”

“Truth and Consequences (Part 2)”

“Who Cares (Part 1)”

“Who Cares (Part 2)”

“September Song (Part 1)”

“September Song (Part 2)”

“The Reckoning (Part 1)”

“The Reckoning (Part 2)”

“The Winds of Change (Part 1)”

“The Winds of Change (Part 2)”

“Love and Glory (Part 1)”

“Love and Glory (Part 2)”

“So, Life Wasn’t Meant to Be Easy (Part 1)”

“So, Life Wasn’t Meant to Be Easy (Part 2)”

“Another Man’s Poison (Part 1)”

“Another Man’s Poison (Part 2)”

“Hair of the Dog (Part 1)”

“Hair of the Dog (Part 2)”

“See Ya (Part 1)”

“See Ya (Part 2)”

“Warning Signs (Part 1)”

“Warning Signs (Part 2)”

“No More Mr. Nice Guy (Part 1)”

“No More Mr. Nice Guy (Part 2)”

“Fruit of the Vine (Part 1)”

“Fruit of the Vine (Part 2)”

“A Woman’s Place (Part 1)”

“A Woman’s Place (Part 2)”

“Still Life (Part 1)”

“Still Life (Part 2)”

“Lost Weekend (Part 1)”

“Lost Weekend (Part 2)”

“The Wandin Valley Connection (Part 1)”

“The Wandin Valley Connection (Part 2)”

“The Sentimental Bloke (Part 1)”

“The Sentimental Bloke (Part 2)”

“A Lady’s Choice (Part 1)”

“A Lady’s Choice (Part 2)”

“Bush Lore (Part 1)”

“Bush Lore (Part 2)”

“Kicking the Habit (Part 1)”

“Kicking the Habit (Part 2)”

“Never Count Your Chooks (Part 1)”

“Never Count Your Chooks (Part 2)”

“All Fired Up (Part 1)”

“All Fired Up (Part 2)”

“Raking Over the Ashes (Part 1)”

“Raking Over the Ashes (Part 2)”

“A Good Clause (Part 1)”

“A Good Clause (Part 2)”

“Positive Steps (Part 1)”

“Positive Steps (Part 2)”

“Kith and Kin (Part 1)”

“Kith and Kin (Part 2)”

“Running Away (Part 1)”

“Running Away (Part 2)”

“My Son, My Son (Part 1)”

“My Son, My Son (Part 2)”

“Tipping the Balance (Part 1)”

“Tipping the Balance (Part 2)”

“Pioneering Spirit (Part 1)”

“Pioneering Spirit (Part 2)”

“Taking the Plunge (Part 1)”

“Taking the Plunge (Part 2)”

“Spellbound (Part 1)”

“Spellbound (Part 2)”

“Promises, Promises (Part 1)”

“Promises, Promises (Part 2)”

“From This Day Forward (Part 1)”

“From This Day Forward (Part 2)”

“Got It Made (Part 1)”

“Got It Made (Part 2)”

“Have I Got a Deal for You (Part 1)”

“Have I Got a Deal for You (Part 2)”

“Wednesday’s Child (Part 1)”

“Wednesday’s Child (Part 2)”

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